Living with Anxiety in the age of Covid-19

Anxiety and mood disorders go hand-in-hand. When coupled with depressions, it gives us restless nights and troubled days.

Coronavirus fear gives another dimension to an already debilitating disorder, clouding our already crippled decision making.

Sensationalized reporting causes our brain chemicals to "stew" and thoughts go into disaster planning mode, which we frankly cannot process in any logical, realistic way.

I'm not a medical professional, just a concerned person living with a mood disorder and trying to keep everyone's head above water through this difficult time in our country and in the history of medicine.

Do not let your anxiety go into overdrive. Turn off the news, stay on a healthy sleep schedule, take your medications, and any anxiety meds your doctor has prescribed. Follow the directions on the bottle.

Contact your doctor if you think it's becoming too much to handle even during the lockdowns while it's easy to just crawl under the covers and vegetate.

Go outside, take a walk, practice social distancing and follow your States guidelines regarding covering your nose and mouth.

Keep your therapy and doctor appointments online, through the many applications we're all using day to day.

This pandemic will subside, the world we lived in, and still live in, is going to open up again. It's beginning to happen, and that's the hope we hold for each other, the hug we all need will return, for now it's virtual.


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